The Žirovnice a.s. button-making company was founded in 1994. The company is continuing in the many years of tradition of producing nacre buttons in the town of Žirovnice. Our history, however, dates as far back as the nineteenth century, when nacre-making flourished. Those roots have survived both world wars and the period preceding the 1989 Velvet Revolution. In 1977, we saw the use of the first presses for producing plastics, which later contributed to our association with the automotive industry. One of our significant milestones was the former owners deciding to include the company in a portfolio of plastic and metal accessories suppliers for the automotive industry, which led to the development of our own tool shop for producing and maintaining injection moulds. The situation in the Czech Republic also helped — notably, the country became one of the largest suppliers of car headlights, even beyond European markets. Currently, automotive production is our primary business segment, and we are continually expanding with new capacities thanks to the new production hall which was completed in 2017. We are a respected and sought-after supplier and partner for top customers and their products from around the world.