KNOFLÍKÁŘSKÝ PRŮMYSL ŽIROVNICE, A.S. has access to 43 of the most modern ARBURG injection presses with a clamping force of 35—550 tonnes. 

Production is divided between two injection press plants. The main injection press plant, comprising 22 injection presses with a tonnage of 100T to 550T, specializes only in producing plastic components for automotive lighting. Injection press plant II produces other technical parts for the automotive, clothing, furniture, electronics and stationery industries.

Parts are made of PC, PC-HT, PC/ABS, PS, ABS, PP, PE, POM, PBT, SAN, PA6, PA66, PMMA etc. in various colours and tones.

Most parts are then subjected to follow-up surface finishing or assembly. We have many peripherals from world-leading manufacturers, ranging from robots by Wittmann, Epson and Kuka to tempering equipment by Regloplas and Wittmann and drying technology by Koch, Piovan and Wittmann.

Since 2016, we have also specialized in producing wide-wall / transparent products for the automotive industry, and in collaboration with leading optics manufacturers, we started monitoring parts with camera technology. The company has been using plastic injection technology for over 40 years, and our more than 12 years’ experience in the automotive industry makes us a leading global supplier of automotive lighting technology