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Our company, besides buttons production, also focuses on plastics injection, especially for automotive industry. Currently, we are dealing with surface treatments such as magnetic sputtering, metallization - evaporation and sublimation. Our company is equipped with our own tool shop that specializes in mould/tool production or tool maintaining for our needs or for our customer requirements.

Knoflikarsky Prumysl Zirovnice a.s belongs among the biggest Czech traditional manufacturers focused on buttons, working and fashion clips and other accessories for garment and fashion industry. The history of traditional buttons production started in 1985 when the Craftsman lathe community was founded. The technology and equipment has changed over the years, however, the orientation on customer satisfaction or quality remains the same. Our products meet the certificate of wholesome products guaranteeing health safety and colour constancy. Modern technology and equipment has helped to gain new customer beyond garment industry.

Knoflíkářský průmysl Žirovnice - Bentley světlo